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Programas Europeos

School Education Gateway

A new website for the European school community to get familiar with
the European action for schools and to support the Erasmus+ Programme


A new European Commission website – School Education Gateway – has been opened for teachers and school staff to learn about and get interested in the European action for schools. The website is available at www.schooleducationgateway.eu


As part of the website are so called Erasmus+ tools:

·         Course Catalogue – A dedicated catalogue of professional development courses for school teachers and staff (to support Erasmus+ Key Action 1)

·         Mobility Opportunities – Offers for school staff to undertake teaching assignments and job shadowing in a host school/organisation abroad (to support Erasmus+ Key Action 1)

·         Strategic Partnership requests  – A partner search tool for schools and organisations across Europe to carry out joint projects to improve standards and the quality of teaching and learning (to support Erasmus+ Key Action 2)


All the Tools are totally available for all organisations to post relevant teacher training courses and mobility opportunities for school staff, and strategic partnership proposals for joint projects. The announced activities must fit the Erasmus+ Programme objectives. Join now and share your courses/offers with the European school community!

There will be a series of webinars organised during 2015 to introduce the School Education Gateway (SEG) to different audiences. Anyone interested is free and welcome to join. The upcoming webinars are:  

·         SEG: Introduction to the Course Catalogue tool, 5 February 2015, at 15:00h CET. To join the session on the given time, please go to: https://eun.webex.com/eun/k2/j.php?MTID=t9514d55e939cf51cca788a1ee062cdf0 (session password: gateway2015)

·         SEG: Introduction to the Mobility Opportunities and Strategic Partnerships tools, 24 February 2015, at 15:00h CET. To join the session on the given time, please go to: https://eun.webex.com/eun/k2/j.php?MTID=t3eca4dd8dd0504043b7b39a047382023(session password: seg2015)

·         Please notice that the webinars are to introduce the Tools, not the particular funding schemesTo get familiar with the Erasmus+ funding opportunities and application process, please read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and  information provided by the National Agencies.


 You find the tools and more information on the website:  www.schooleducationgateway.eu/en/pub/tools.htm

Your feedback will be appreciated to develop the School Education Gateway and the Erasmus+ Tools further. For any questions you may have please contact us at: support@schooleducationgateway.eu


Kind regards,

School Education Gateway Support Team


Twitter: #EdGateway


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